Knox County Fish & Game Association
Beaver Lodge Road
Hope, Maine

our mailing address is P O Box 414, Union, ME 04862-0414

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Dana's Pavilion is up...


For more photos of the finished timber frame, go to our Facebook page.


Welcome to all of our new officers and directors. Read the details in the minutes...




You read that right...we're in need of officers and directors. Job discriptions can be found by clicking here.


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You can read our Constitution and Bylaws online by going to this page


Have you see our brochures? Here's what they look like...


Know someone who would be interested in one? You can pick one up at a meeting,
or contact one of our officers.


Some have asked why don't we get monthly newsletters?

It is because of the expense, which would amount to something on the order of $375 every month. We simply can't afford that, what with the ever-increasing insurance and real estate taxes.We do mail one out in December, otherwise we use this website, Facebook, and email to keep members apprised of what's going on. We are working on an email list for the entire membership, so if we don't already have your email address, just email us to be added to it. And when your email address changes, we'll need to know that too.



Hunter Safety Classes

Classes run from 6:00-9:00pm, and you have to register ahead of time. Information on the classes can still be found on the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife website. To register or to ask questions you can use email or phone 975-4447. Since it is handled through the Five Towns CSD Adult Ed, you can also get more information and register through their site


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