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You Must Be A Member in order to camp.
For more information on our campsites and availability,
contact Sandie Ofarrell at 207-542-9380.

We have 40 seasonal camp sites available. To make a reservation, a non-refundable $100.00 deposit must be remitted to the Camping, PO Box 414, Union, ME 04862 within 10 business days of the reservation request date. Winter storage of campers is $100 and to hold a site is $100. Moreover, existing seasonal renters may retain their current site if they reserve the site, with the required deposit, before the end of the current season, which ends Columbus day Weekend. All remaining unallocated seasonal sites shall be allocated on a “first come – first served” basis from an ongoing current member waiting list.

With the rewiring of the entire campground, it was a good time to straighten out the numbering of the sites as well, so here is the updated layout with the new numbers...



Knox County Fish & Game Association
Beaver Lodge Camping Rules

You must be a KCF&G member to use our campground.
If you're not, please click here to take care of that.

Knox County Fish & Game Association
Beaver Lodge Camping Rules
              Camping season begins May 1st and ends October 31.
(Water to the campground will be turned off right after Columbus Day,
and the electricity will be turned off the end of the month.)

Children: Parents are responsible for behavior and safety of their children, both at the campground and in the water. A parent/adult must accompany children under age seven (7) to all areas. All children twelve (12) and under must be looked after by a parent/adult. Swimming is at your own risk; there is no lifeguard on duty. Children must be thirteen (13) and older to swim at the beach without a parent/adult. The buddy system must always be used. Children, fifteen (15) and younger, riding bikes MUST wear a helmet and follow the rules of the road when riding bikes, per State of Maine guidelines.

Pets: Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash and in control by the owner or in an appropriate pen/kennel at all times. Dogs on leashes should never be left alone outside your camper or tent. Please clean up after pets (and dispose of waste properly). Barking dogs are extremely annoying and all pets should not be allowed to disturb other campers. (We understand that dogs are going to bark but please quite them down as quickly as possible. Excessive barking of dogs please report to camping chairperson. Example of excessive barking would be 15 minutes of continuous barking). Pets are not to be washed in the lake. There is a limit of no more than 4 dogs per campsite and there is a limit of 2 dogs per person when walking of a dog(s). Seasonal Campsites will be charged $25.00 per dog for the season.

Vehicles: No parking in roads or on shorefronts. Extra vehicles and boat trailer must be parked in the parking lots and not at the campsites. On parking of your vehicles, it has to be on your lot and no more than two. If you have more, they must park up at the Lodge’s parking area. Tow behind trailers and ATVs are not allowed on your lot unless being used for work on club property. Only licensed drivers and registered vehicles are allowed on club property. The speed limit is 5 mph!

Trees: Do not strip bark or otherwise mutilate trees and shrubbery. (This includes hamming nails into trees). If you see anyone violating this rule, please notify the Caretaker or Camping Chairperson as soon as possible. No trees shall be cut for firewood. No cutting is allowed without permission of the Grounds Chairperson, Camping Chairperson, or the Caretaker.

Campsites: There will only be one camper on a site at any time. You may have one extra tent or screen-in on site. Camping is for Members Only. One family per campsite is permitted. (Family is defined as mother, father, children or others living in the same household). Non-members can visit for a period of time not to exceed one week, with no more than two non-members per campsite. Non-members must stay in the member’s camper or tent and the member must be present at all times. Seasonal members may allow another Knox County Fish and Game paid member (family member only) to use their site when not in use by the primary member. They must notify the Camping Chairperson of who has permission to use their seasonal site.

Seasonal Camp Sites: We have 40 seasonal campsites available. Sites may be reserved for the season. (At this time we can only accommodate campers that run on 30-amp power source). Existing seasonal members may retain their current site, with the required non-refundable deposit of $100.00, by October 31st. In addition, all remaining, unallocated seasonal sites will go to the next person on the camping “waiting list” if none on waiting list then sites shall be allocated on a “first come - first served” basis. A non-refundable $100.00 deposit must be remitted to the Camping Chairperson within 10 business days of the reservation request date. If requesting a site and no sites are available, the member will be put on the on-going camping “waiting” list.

All seasonal sites must be paid in full in the amount of $1100.00 no later than May 1st. (If payment is not received in full by this date, the seasonal site will be allocated to the next member on the campsite “waiting” list). Further, there is an additional fee of $25.00 per dog, with a limit of four dogs per campsite, to all seasonal campers.

Fire pits: Fire pits should be built on top of sand or dirt. The lodge will supply you with 14 cement blocks (for new pit only) and repair blocks as needed. Other types of pits that are allowed are stand pits, bricks or fire brick, which shall be supplied at the camper’s expense. No barrels or tire rims will be allowed and will be removed from the campsite.

Storage of Campers: Seasonal Campers have an option to store their camper from November 1st to April 30th. If you choose not to store your camper it must be moved off the grounds by October 31st. All remaining campers will be charged a flat fee of $100.00. This fee is to be paid in full by November 30th. If not paid in full by November 30th you will forfeit your seasonal site. You will need to make arrangements to have your camper removed from the grounds within 7 days. If not removed by the 8th day, a daily storage fee of $20.00 per day will be charged until it is removed from the property. If necessary, further legal action may be taken.


  • There will be NO outside floodlights or fans used at any time.
  • Outside lights are not to be left on 24hrs per day, nor when you are not at your site for the night.
  • One outside refrigerator is allowed, provided it is fairly new and no bigger then 4.5 cubic feet.
  • Keep your site picked up and cleaned. Dispose of all debris and garbage properly.
  • Sewage tanks may be dumped only between 8am and 6pm but aren't to be dumped while there is a function at the Lodge.
  • Outside storage containers must fit inside your camper. If you cannot fit it in your camper, then take it home. Your outside screen-in tent should not be used as a storage area.
  • Please respect other campers by keeping the noise down so as not to bother other campers.
  • At midnight, all guests will leave, if not staying the night.
  • All parties must be over by 11:00 PM.

When having get-togethers, block parties or other social gatherings, please keep the drinking under control so as not to bother other camping members. Please remember that minors are present and it is your responsibility to make sure minors will not have access to alcoholic beverages.

  • Inappropriate behavior and unruly conduct will not be tolerated! The member or guest(s) will be asked to leave the property. If request to leave is not adhered to, the Sheriff’s Department will be called for removal. If a member is removed, the member will be banned from Knox County Fish & Game property until a decision on appropriate action is made by the Board of Directors. (This could lead to permanent dismissal of membership and loss of camping site). Members are responsible for their guest(s). If the member’s guest is removed a written warning will be issued with explanations. There will be no refund of camping fees if camper is ejected from the campground for violating these rules.

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